Twin Or Single Screw

In our range of passage makers we offer either twin screw or single screw with Gen-Gethome™ installations.

Twin screw as an option offers greater fuel economy along with the benefit of a symmetrical engine room layout arrangement. There is no need for a get home option. However many perceive that the propellers and rudders have less protection. This is true in a limited draft vessel, however in our range of designs we are careful to ensure adequate depth of keel to protect both the propellers and rudders in the event of grounding.

Single screw has the benefit of maintaining only one engine. The propeller is on the centerline of the vessel so has greater protection. We always offer the single screw arrangement with our “Gen-GetHome™” wing engine. Despite statistics that will show minimum risk, we consider it unwise to rely solely on one engine for ocean crossing and rather than simply waste an engine specifically installed as a get home we have an alternative.