Bilge & Fire System

The bilge pumping system we favour is the “central” bilge system consisting of two heavy duty 230 VAC bilge pumps that can be run individually or in tandem with individual suction pipes to each compartment. This is again modeled on big ship installations rarely seen in pleasure craft.

Bilge pumps

As always we are conscious of safety; the two major accidents that can occur are stranding or fire. The central bilge system plays an important part in mitigating loss from either of these.

The pumps draw from a manifold of valves each terminating a suction pipe from each separate compartment; the fore peak, chain locker, forward accommodation, engine room, aft accommodation and aft peak (lazarette). All piping is stainless steel; fire proof, with no rubber or plastic anywhere in the system. All compartments apart from the chain locker have high water alarms with readouts at the helm station. The pumps are also able to draw sea water via the sea chest and pump to deck outlets for fire fighting duty.

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