Seawater Systems

For seawater demands we install two sea chests connected with a cross main from which any machine or equipment requiring a sea water supply can draw from. These are the only penetrations in the hull below the waterline, again another safety factor. Each is fitted with a shut off valve and filter/mud box and each can also be isolated for cleaning out if it becomes blocked. The whole system is metallic; all pipe work is high level stainless steel. All pipe work is flanged for easy removal for unblocking, if ever required.

While talking about sea water systems a personal preference of ours has always been to have a heat exchanger cooled engine or engines rather than keel cooled. The reason for this is that all components are then inside the vessel where it can be accessed for any maintenance that may be required. Where an engine is keel cooled the cooling element is outside the hull where it is difficult to inspect and possibly vulnerable to damage.