The Builder


Once a vessel has been through the complete design/build handover process it is generally accepted within the industry that a “tapering off” of designer/builder participation naturally takes place. However in this respect Pacific Motoryachts have adopted a very robust approach intended to encourage a continuing open and supportive relationship.

This is achievable we believe to a unique structure developed within PML whereby senior management, design, construction, outfit, electrical, mechanical and paint divisions all form part of the post handover support team available at any time to answer any queries or concerns.

As the entire build process from design to handover is carried out under the complete control of PML, any queries can be quickly taken care of more than likely by a staff member involved during the build process.

Direct access is always available to the Naval Architect/Designer to quickly satisfy any anxious technical queries, particularly those where stability or vessel performance are involved.

This “direct contact at any time facility” is one very important aspect of Pacific Motoryachts total package and one we believe sets us apart from our competitors offering similar sized “deep sea capable” passgemaker type vessels.