Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I have answered many questions with regular frequency. Many of the answers inevitably lead to further inquiry. We have tried to build this site in a way that answers these while giving a broader picture.

One that is often asked is “what do we think of a competitors vessel” or their “philosophy on design” or such like. I don’t like to give an answer other than to say that our opinion is what is found on this web page and contained in our designs. 

So what supports our opinion?

Four of us take a direct interest in our vessels, design philosophy or what you may call it. One is a naval architect with fifty years experience, one a marine engineer and another who is one of this countries most successful commercial fisherman, and me. Between us we have logged perhaps 800,000 miles at sea, operated vessels in demanding environments and designed and built the craft you see here and a long list of others.

Growing up we had instilled in us by our father, also a boat builder, designer and professional mariner, to understand one thing about the sea; “life must take precedence over all else”. We have applied this rule to our designs, boatbuilding and the way we operate a vessel. 

Possibly the most helpful and interesting has been a lifetime of study of the evolution of ship design and construction. Particularly the great voyages of discovery which have influenced design, ship handling and navigation in far more ways than can be imagined.

So when we are asked a question the answer is never “off the cuff” and certainly never part of a marketing exercise, rather a considered opinion is offered. We are the first to admit that we have prejudices; these have often been the result of brutal lessons. More importantly we still have many questions of our own, important, as once you think you have all the answers the sea becomes a very dangerous place.

The first of these Q&A will appear at the end of July.